X-ray Results Before and After Wearing Correct Toes After 4 Months

For a powerful visual demonstration of Correct Toes’ restorative effects, please visit Dr. Dennis Claire’s blog by clicking here. Dr. Claire, a podiatric physician, has posted online x-ray images of his feet and toes that capture the incredible effects of Correct Toes (in just four months of use). Dr. Claire, during this time, also made the transition to minimalist footwear to help augment, or accelerate, his foot and toe rehabilitation.

Dr. Claire’s “before” x-ray image
Dr. Claire’s “after” x-ray

-Dr. Ray McClanahan, DPM, Northwest Foot & Ankle

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2 thoughts on “X-ray Results Before and After Wearing Correct Toes After 4 Months

  1. Hi, could you please explain the differences in the X-ray’s? I’m an untrained eye, but I don’t notice any difference in terms of bone spurs. It looks like the angle of the great toe is different, but could that be caused by slight angle difference of the x-ray or whether or not the foot is “loaded”/weight applied?

    If someone did have bone spurs, could you see a reduction over time with use of Correct Toes?

    Thanks, I’m just trying to learn more.

    1. Hello KMCalgary,

      Great questions! The difference in the two x-rays above mainly shows the changes in toe spread, specifically the angle change in the hallux, or great toe. Dr. Claire demonstrates, via x-ray film, that the foot can be transformed by wearing Correct Toes. There is much more space between the toes in the second image after Dr. Claire had been wearing Correct Toes.

      This image is most likely an AP Projection X-Ray, the difference of angle between the two images would be negligible, up to a millimeter or two. Both images would be weight bearing. If you are interested in more of Dr. Claire’s testimonial, the link is above, within the post.

      Bone spurs are usually the cause of repeated stress on a specific attachment or area of bone, such as the plantar fascia ligament pulling on the calcaneus when a individual wears an elevated heel, or footwear with toe spring. Usually the bone spur is merely a sign of the problem, but not necessarily the cause of the pain. The use of Correct Toes, as well as neutral, zero-drop footwear, can help place the foot back into anatomical alignment. This would prevent further stresses on the plantar fascia, minimizing the force pulling on the calcaneus. The bone spur will not decrease in size without surgical intervention, but Correct Toes can be a positive step forward making sure the bone spur does not continue to grow.

      Hope this helps, please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns!

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