Correct Toes Testimonial

Male Studio ShotDear Dr. Ray McClanahan, I have never met you but I want to thank you. I’m a post-collegiate distance runner who wishes to continue his career as a competitive distance runner. I enjoy running anything from the mile to the half marathon […]. I was constantly broken down in college and running in what many would consider “pronation control” shoes because I was under the impression that I needed support. The past year and a half I’ve made a very good transition into more minimal based shoes, but recently have been running into forefoot/toe pain. Then I discovered your website. I now own a pair of Correct Toes, metatarsal pads, and [minimalist footwear]. I’ve been walking in them and running a little bit. The pain is gradually going away and my feet are feeling healthier and stronger. […] I think it’s safe to say that your ideas on footwear and foot health are very progressive and forward thinking. You must continue doing what you’re doing and get the good word out. Good ideas will always be the best defense against bad ones. And your ideas are clearly good – very good.
— D.S., Clark, NJ

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2 thoughts on “Correct Toes Testimonial

  1. The picture of feet that accompanies this post looks a lot more like my feet – wearing CorrectToes – than do most of the other pictures I’ve seen. By that, I mean that the CorrectToes do not seem to be spreading my pinkie toes back to their “natural” position; rather, when I wear my CorrectToes, my pinkie toes are bent radically sideways. The rest of my toes feel fine while I’m wearing CorrectToes, but the pinkies…. hurt in the final joint. Both sides, but (coincidentally?) worse on the right foot, where I also have been suffering plantar fasciitis/fasciosis for the past couple of months. I wonder if the person whose feet are pictured is feeling pinkie pain, as well. Is it natural, and I should expect the rest of the toe to eventually follow the end-joint and spread? Or is the outward bend of the pinkie-end likely to be the ongoing outcome of the pressure? My feet are size 12s, and I have the larger CorrectToes. I also have them affixed to my Xero huaraches both between the big toe and second toe, and between the pinkie and number four, so the strand of shoe-lace going through the small end of the CorrectToes might be keeping the slot from compressing. The lace is not thick enough to actually spread the silicon any more than without, but it probably prevents my pinkie toes from squeezing the through-slot closed, as it might if there was nothing in that slot.

    1. Hi Kevin– If you are experiencing pain in your pinkie toe as a result of the last pylon we would suggest to modify them by either cutting the last pylon in half or taking it off completely. If you would like some further guidance as to the best option to take you can email us a photo of your feet to

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