Kid’s Shoes

Correct Toes March 2013 Newsletter is full of great information about keeping kid’s feet healthy and functional.  We wanted to share several kid’s shoe brands that have the characteristics that we look for in healthy footwear- flat, flexible, and widest at the toe box.  Check out Dr. Ray McClanahan’s latest video on Choosing Healthy Shoes for Children.


pedoodles“If you were a kid, these would be the shoes you want.  Soft, stylish, and durable — Pedoodles have it all. Every pair of Pedoodles is constructed of premium, top-grade, genuine leather.  This flexible, breathable, natural material helps to promote healthy conditions around developing feet.” –


ZemsH2O“ZEM stands for the ZONE of ENDLESS MOTION and defines a space where we can discover new possibilities for ourselves. A zone where new beginnings are possible and restrictions are left behind.” –

Soft Star Shoes

Softstar“Healthy foot development is at the core of each Soft Star Shoe.  Our shoes are designed specifically for natural movement with flexible, wide soft soles and breathable, natural materials.” –


Vivokids“From high performance off-road and trail running shoes, to work and kids shoes, VIVOBAREFOOT offers a total lifestyle solution for the whole family and options for transitioning from walking to sports.”


4 thoughts on “Kid’s Shoes

  1. Do you have information on which brands are readily available in Europe (Belgium) or on ‘European’ alternatives? My almost 3-year old’s toes and feet could use Soft Star or Pedoodles type shoes but neither brand is available here. At home it’s barefoot or wide socks, but for school he’s expected to wear shoes -and Crocks, though available here, are not considered appropriate footwear for a toddler going to kindergarten :-). His three outer toes (5, 4 and 3) curve to the inside of his foot and his big toe and second toe curve to the outside of his foot (already before he had his first pair of “firm shoes for walking outside”) resulting in overlap between the second and third toe. So, logically I REALLY want him barefoot as much as possible and when in shoes then ones with a wide toebox that are flexible and level, rather than shoes that would reinforce this even more. Any brand suggestions? Vivobarefoot is available on the European market but I’m not sure all types have a wide enough toebox and whether they have EU size 26.

    1. Hi Annemieke,

      -It looks like Zems has stores internationally in specific countries. Here is a link to their site.
      -Soft Star ships internationally so that might be a good option for you. Here is a link to their site and international shipping prices.
      -I think the Vivobarefoot Gobi kids shoe could be a great option. It looks like they have them in 26 as well. Here is a link

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

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