It’s National Yoga Month!

Correct Toes and NWFA would like to acknowledge the contribution of yoga teachers to our society. We’d also like to acknowledge yoga students, who have been quick to embrace Correct Toes and natural foot health principles.

Correct Toes’ own Liesa Steiner is our in-house Certified Yoga Instructor, and we’d like to thank Liesa for her dedication to yoga as both a health tool and way of life (and for sharing her expertise with us!).

Correct Toes use is very complementary to a yoga practice. We encourage any yoga practitioner reading this newsletter to submit a testimonial or story about Correct Toes and how it has helped your practice. Post your comments below!


3 thoughts on “It’s National Yoga Month!

  1. Bliss Yoga Centre in Ocala, Fl. was very supportive of my use of correcttoes. Jennifer Kelly, the owner, increased toe spreading and foot strengthening poses as I went from hobbling in December 2012 to a more normal gait in my correcttoes and altras by March 2013.

  2. i have been wearing correct toes and lems almost every day since march and practicing yoga 4x a week. i don’t wear them while i practice – i did a couple times (makes one legged standing postures easier,) but that’s not what my instructor wanted me to do, so i take them off for class now. but in my daily life outside the studio, it has been interesting to wear the correct toes so much. outside the studio, they spread my toes without me actually having to think about it. in the studio i’m supposed to spread em by my own will. but outside, i don’t want to have to think about it, so the toe spreaders allow me to focus on my arches and ankle.

    1. This makes a lot of sense…to strengthen your toe muscles rather than relying on the Correct Toes during yoga practice. Thanks for sharing!

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