Boots, Anyone?

We are looking for foot-healthy and fashionable boot options for women.The NWFA/Correct Toes team is seeking input from our readers about BOOTS! Specifically, women’s “fashion” boots (i.e., boots that are suitable for casual-to-semi-formal occasions). We would love to know if anyone has found a fashionable boot that meets our foot health criteria? If so, we would love to hear from you. Please leave your comment below so that we can follow up on your recommendation. Thank you!


10 thoughts on “Boots, Anyone?

  1. I think Ugg boots work pretty well. They are roomy enough for correct toes and the sheepskin keeps your feet from slipping around. They are also comfortable. My only two complaints are that the soles are a little thick and stiff and they do have a heel drop, although it is slight.

    I just got a pair of Soft Star Phoenix sheepskin boots. These boots are like the Uggs, they even look like them. The sole is thinner and more flexible and they have no heel drop. They are quickly becoming my go to boots for the winter. Fashion wise, at least now, they are only available in brown.

  2. I found a gorgeous pair of high black leather boots. The brand is Tsubo, the model (from two years ago) is Baco II. Flat, flexible sole, wide toe box, very water-resistant. Love ’em.

  3. I searched all last winter and I finally found some…Crocs Rainfloe boot. They are kind of in between “fashion boot” and casual. I have worn them more dressy and it has worked out since they are brown. They might have a tiny toe spring on them but not any more than traditional Crocs. I can wear the toespacers inside the boot with some snuggness, but it was not bad. And they are pretty close to zero drop. Overall they have been great.

  4. I recently got the softstar phoenix boots and they are amazing! I love them. I have fibromyalgia and always cold feet, so want to wear them all the time even though spring is here. I love shoes and boots especially, but I have pretty funky feet, very small(not even size 35!) and wide, big instep. I grew up in shoes that were too tight, or else would have to wear shoes a bit too big to try compensate for width which did not. I have a few pairs of camper boots that are basically zero heel boots. They are tall, have zippers and are also very wide in the toes. I do not know the name, but they keep making them in different colours, heights etc..
    I also love el naturalista boots, beautiful, ethical, supposedly comfy, but they have crazy heels and I find them almost impossible to wear anymore. Some of the soles are so worn out I am going to take them to a cobbler and see if they can make them zero heel.
    A great little company called The drifter leather make custom shoes and actually use your foot measurements. I have not tried them yet but they get rave reviews. They make a few lace up boots which are currently trendy.

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