Link List Friday!

A new U.S. record has been set for… the beer mile!

This is a great video on the barefoot running debate.

Vibram has expanded their product line.  This fury friend is into them!

Run through forests and climb trees as your workout with Movnat.

Take care of your kids feet now to avoid problems as adults.

“She is my heart and I am her legs”

Whats your motivation for exercise?

Link List Friday!

She hated running now she’s trekking across the United States.  Barefoot.  For summer Vacation.

Congratulations to Sanya Richards-Ross on her gold medal in the Women’s 400m!  She talks about winning here.

Beetroot and tart cherry juice improves athletic performance… suspicious at best or something you’ll try?  Some athletes are really into it!

If you’re in an Olympic medal ceremony always smile or this might happen to you.

Becoming a morning person isn’t impossible!

Just added this to my workout playlist.  Whats on yours?

Do’s and don’t of how to run.  Short and sweet.

Link List Friday

To wear flip flops or to not wear flip flops?  The debate is on over at Birthday Shoes.

Run 10 Feed 10.. do something you love for a good cause.

Leming has new styles coming out next year!  Whats your favorite?

Track and Fieldstarts today at the Olympics!  Keep an eye our for Correct Toes wearers Evan Jager (3000m steeplechase), Lisa Uhl (10,000m), and Matt Tegenkamp (10,000m).  We’ll also be cheering for Sanya Richards-Ross (200m;400m; 4x400m).

I hope I don’t look like any of these guys while I’m running…

Wine, chocolate donuts, hot chocolate, and twinkies… the running part would cancel all that out, right?

Correct Toes is in the September issue of Runner’s World UK!