#AskCorrectToes: Heat or Ice for Plantar Fasciosis (Fasciitis)?

This month’s featured #AskCorrectToes question comes from @RyanHisner, who asks the following:

Can applying heat to the plantar fascia (in conjunction with proper footwear and Correct Toes) facilitate healing?

Ryan’s follow-up question is:

Since plantar fasciosis is due to insufficient bloodflow, does this mean that you should avoid icing your feet?

Great questions, Ryan! Dr. Ray McClanahan answers these questions in this video:


The Origin of Natural Foot Care

In this informative video, Dr. Ray explains the basics of natural foot care.  Its a great base of information if you are just starting the transition to natural foot health, as well as a good reminder to those “veterans.”

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How to Modify Your Correct Toes

In this video Dr. McClanahan shows how to modify Correct Toes to better fit your foot.

Have you used any of Dr. McClanahan’s modification tips?  Which ones and how has it made a difference in your experience with Correct Toes?