Correct Toes & Circulation: Visualized

Infrared Image #1

Have you ever wondered if Correct Toes can improve foot and toe circulation? Well, wonder no more. We were recently sent the above image (along with many others) by a Correct Toes user, Sergio, in Spain, who used his infrared (IR) camera to capture some very illuminating images. Sergio (@metatarsalia, on Twitter) is a certified building energy auditor.

The above image is a fantastic visual representation of the effect Correct Toes has on foot and toe blood flow. The darker areas represent areas of lower blood flow, while the lighter areas are regions experiencing greater circulation.

Here is a short description from Sergio about his IR images of Correct Toes and the feet:

This picture was taken two days after I bought my Correct Toes. I felt so good, resting better since the first day. On the second day, I decided to see what was happening on my feet wearing Correct Toes, so I put on Correct Toes on right foot and not on left foot. I did normal life, and after 1 hour of wearing [the spacers] I took my IR camera to see what nobody can see: the heat. And then I show, clearly, that right foot, the one with Correct Toes, was warmer than left foot. Blood can go to the end of my toes to warm them.

Sergio notes that IR images offer a much more detailed picture of what’s actually happening in the real world, whether it’s inside a building or the inside the human body. He says:

Visual images are what people see and think that everything is normal, under control, but when I turn on my IR camera they see that not everything is right. People can feel their cold toes, but when they see the IR picture, they make the decision to do something. It is like energy saving—many people don´t act until I show them how energy flows out of the building.

Here is another image that demonstrates the incredible effect that Correct Toes has on foot and toe circulation:
This image also shows temperature variations (both within the foot, and between the feet). Both midfeet are approximately the same temperature, 33.2-33.4 degrees Celsius (92°F), and both big toes are colder. Note the temperature differences between the right and left big toes and feet:
The big toe on the right (Correct Toes side) is 3 degrees Celsius (5°F) warmer than the big toe on the left. Also, the temperature differential between the midfoot and big toe is 3 degrees Celsius less on the right (Correct Toes side) than the left (i.e., the right big toe retains more heat due to greater blood flow)!
Below are a few more of Sergio’s infrared images: The first photo depicts both feet without toe spacers. In the second, Correct Toes are on his right foot (left on screen) but not his left. The difference in temperature (blood flow) is evident in all the toes.
IR_3906 IR_3910
Thank you, to Sergio, for providing these valuable images and data. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

3 thoughts on “Correct Toes & Circulation: Visualized

  1. I love this. Thanks for sharing!

    One thing many people forget is blood flow (and lymphatic flow) is very dependent on position of bones and this is not just true for the feet as seen above, but also throughout the body. Having forward head posture, thoracic kyphosis, anterior or posterior pelvic tilt, valgus or varus knees, supinated or pronated feet, etc all affect blood flow. Correcting bone and joint position (postural alignment) can increase blood flow and mobility along with decreasing pain.

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